While Neon Trees are still soaking up the success of 'Everybody Talks,' their first single off of 2012's 'Picture Show,' they aren't wasting a minute getting music lovers psyched for their forthcoming album. The rockin' pop quartet from Utah are giving fans an early listen to 'Weekend,' the fifth track on 'Picture Show,' and it's one of the most infectious songs we've heard in a long time.

With a whimsical, echoing intro of rattling symbols and distorted guitars, 'Weekend' leaves us eager with anticipation before the song even really starts. As the building prelude drops out and the full beat kicks in, singer Tyler Glenn gets majorly funky with vocals that are reminiscent of Michael Jackson. 'Weekend' is the perfect example of Neon Trees' wide variety of influences, with elements of ska, new wave, funk, rock and pop strewn throughout the blissful tune.

The lyrics of the spirited song will also rope in young listeners, since they're all about seizing Saturday and Sunday and enjoying life while you can. It's the perfect song for a fun-filled summer night as Glenn croons, "Burning this town like we don't care / Nothing you say could ever put out our fire / No, no / We can pretend, pretend for the weekend / We can pretend, pretend for the weekend / Cause outside the night's as young as us / Tonight it's just the two of us / Pretend, pretend for the weekend."

Listen to the exclusive premiere of 'Weekend' by Neon Trees below, and be sure to head over to iTunes to pre-order 'Picture Show' before the album officially drops next Tuesday, April 17. And for one day only (today, April 14), Neon Trees fans can download a free poster to print at home, just click here to snag a copy.