Nick & Knight's Nick Carter and Jordan Knight are all grown up from their respective Backstreet Boys and New Kids on the Block days, and we've never been more aware of it than in their new video 'One More Time.'

The former boy banders put on a gun show (the bicep kind) in the vid as they jump from scene to scene acting as photographers for two gorgeous models. Nick and Jordan rock leather and feathers as they tell the girls who left them -- not the models, who look very happy in the guys' company -- that someday they'll realize that leaving was a huge mistake! "You're gonna feel so stupid / When you realize what you did / No one can make you feel like me," the pair sings.

Though they've traded in the professional choreography, Jordan and especially Nick do break it down a bit with their dance moves. But they keep it mature and fun, just like the rest of the video!

Check out 'One More Time' above!