No Doubt frontwoman Gwen Stefani joked that the band's inspiration for and approach to songwriting is simple: "We don't know what we're doing. Everything is a series of accidents and mistakes."

But she and her cohorts also sat down with MTV to share their favorite songs from new album 'Push and Shove,' which landed on Tuesday (Sept. 25.)

Stefani loves the title track -- which got the band "so excited" -- and 'Gravity,' which is the "girl" song.

Bassist Tony Kanal is feeling 'Undercover,' going as far as to say he is "super in love" with it, "because it was the first song we wrote on this album. It was the breakthrough song. When we had all this writer's block, and we went on the road and we finally were able to get one done, it was that song, so it's pretty special to me."

Ah, that oft-discussed writer's block, which, thankfully, the band was able to break through, overcoming the stagnancy to create a quality album.

Guitarist Tom Dumont added: "The last song on the album is called 'Dreaming the Same Dream,' and as we were writing it, we were trying to do this prom song, and there's just something about it that I love. It has this amazing ending that ends the album really powerfully. Right now, that's my jam."

"'Push and Shove' has something really exciting about it," drummer Adrian Young said. "We were in New York with [director] Sophie Muller, and we did a one-camera, one-light shoot on the streets of New York, and even though it's not an official single, we made a video for it anyway, because we were really excited to put some visuals behind it."

So now you know which song each band member loves most and can listen to those first!

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