Could it be your, could it be your lucky day? Well, if you're a Nicola Roberts fan, it's probably not, sorry.

The former Girls Aloud member recently revealed in an interview with the U.K.'s Radio 1 Newsbeat that she currently doesn't have any solid plans to release new solo material, at least not in the near future. Instead, she's been taking her time writing music for other artists' projects.

"At the minute I’ve just been taking time to write for other artists,” Roberts explained to the British radio station. "It’s been four years since Cinderella’s Eyes, and in that four years I’ve changed quite a lot as a person... I think you need time to figure out the sounds you are inspired by and I’ve got some really exciting artists cutting some songs that I’m really excited by."

Roberts released her solo debut record Cinderella's Eyes in 2011, a glistening electro-pop album that received critical acclaim from music critics, yet somehow unfortunately didn't perform quite as well as anticipated commercially. The record, which was headed up by the Diplo-produced single "Beat Of My Drum," was not released in the U.S. (Though I totally imported a copy from Amazon U.K.)

In addition to talking to Radio 1 about her current career trajectory, Roberts also shared her thoughts on the music industry's lack of support for writers behind the scenes. "We have so many talented writers," she said. "Companies need to understand that smaller writers also need to be supported. Younger writers and smaller writers need to live and get by. They need to be paid. It has to be fair."

And while it's hard to disagree with her, there is also something a little unfair about having to wait indefinitely for new solo music from the redheaded pop singer. Oh Nicola, I don't want to be the last to know oh, oh, oh! Will it be a yes or no oh, oh, oh? You're swinging me up, you're swinging me down, I feel like yo-yo, yo-yo, yo-yo...

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