Haven't yet heard of Pale Waves? That's about to change — and just in time for the holidays!

The Manchester, England group, who've dropped buzzworthy singles "Television Romance" and "There's a Honey," are ready to delight you with "New Year's Eve," and a musical look at how the revered occasion can often lead to trouble.

"'New Year's Eve' is about a certain night I had on New Year's Eve," singer and guitarist Heather Baron-Gracie tells PopCrush. "I have such a dramatic night most New Year's Eves because I think there is a big build up to that night. I think a lot of people do that...there’s so much expectation for something special so a lot of the time it goes wrong. Well for me anyway!"

Baron-Gracie and drummer Ciara Doran met in Manchester when they were 18 years old, became instant friends and dove into songwriting together. They soon brought guitarist Hugo Silvani and bassist Charlie Wood into the fold, and Pale Waves was complete. And the critics aren't the only ones loving their sound — The 1975 frontman Matt Healy is also a fan.

"Matty is a good friend of ours, and it means a lot that we have his support," Baron-Gracie says.

Get ready to start grooving to "New Year's Eve," which you can hear below.