The first Paramore baby has been born! Bassist Jeremy Davis and his wife, Kathryn Camsey, welcomed a daughter on Dec. 28.

He announced the happy news Tuesday (Dec. 31) on Twitter. "So Everyone...Mine and @kittykatdav Baby Girl has been born!" he wrote. "She doesn't have a name yet but, weighs 6lbs 14ounces."

"She was born on December 28th at 7:16pm," he added. "She's a total angel and her face changes everyday...We are already so in love with her!! #Parababy."

Davis attached the above adorable pic of the new family with his announcement. Hayley Williams then shared the image on her own social media sites, saying, "I haven't even met her yet and I'm 100% in love. #littlefairybabe."

While Baby Davis' name has not yet been revealed, her proud mom and dad have posted her image repeatedly. Here are a few of our faves:

Davis and Camsey were wed in 2011. Congrats to the new parents!