Paramore will make their triumphant return to the music scene when they release their self-titled album on April 9. To tide fans over until then, they've released a preview of every track on their upcoming LP. Lucky us!

As far as we can tell from the 90-second previews, the band is definitely taking a more electronic and dreamy approach on their fourth album. Tracks like 'Fast in My Car,' 'Ain't It Fun,' and 'Part II,' have a more indie and electro pop sound -- a bit of a departure of their strictly pop punk-style music we all came to know and love.

Fear not, die hard fans, their single 'Still Into You,' has that signature Paramore sound as well as their song 'Anklebiters,' but it's nice to hear the gents and lady evolving with their craft. Plus, we love the ukulele interludes, perfect summer tunes!

We're starting to think that the band's four year break was all for the best!

Preview Paramore's Entire Album