If pictures speak 1,000 words, then this picture is speaking at least a million. Just look at how Beyonce and Jay-Z are talking with President Barack Obama as if they were old besties. Oh, what it must be to be super rich, powerful, and influential.

The picture was snapped at the Sept. 18 fundraiser Bey and Jay held for the president at the rapper’s 40/40 club. Again, what it must be to have so much money that you could afford the incredible $40,000 a plate dinner (that wound up raising $4 million for President Obama’s re-election campaign).

Beyonce looks no less flawless in her red dress and matching lip than she does at any public event she attends -- the woman is a goddess. Not to mention that both her husband and President Obama are looking quite dapper and all important-like in their suits.

The trio are obviously deep in conversation, so naturally one must wonder what they're actually talking about. The upcoming election? Are they exchanging parenting tips? Talking about the previous night’s episode of ‘The Voice?’

We could play this game forever.

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