Romance, even the most fleeting of casual flings, is by its very nature a thing of drama—though whether that drama is good or bad, heart-filling or heartbreaking, is left up to the lovers themselves. On "Oceans," premiering exclusively on PopCrush, London alt-pop duo RINNGS dive headfirst into the chilly flux and flow of a relationship on the brink of something more... or nothing at all.

"You've got me trying to dry the ocean / You've got me trying to hide emotion," Karl Zine sings over a lush pool of synths and brooding, achy beats, as Nai Jannson harmonizes ethereally, the two singer-songwriters chronicling the emerging desires, uncertainties and fears that often afflict those who have newly caught feelings.

"This is the first live-action video we've made as a band... It's a boy/girl duet about a couple having to end a relationship before it gets too serious but not really wanting to, so we wanted something beautiful and dramatic, full of strong, often conflicting images and intimate dream-like moments to bring that out," the band explains.

The cinematic video, created by film-making husband-wife team Silent Tapes in London, echoes the intricate, interpersonal melodrama of the song, following two young lovers as they are pushed towards and pulled away from one another through the night.

"We set out to do something pretty ambitious with them because they were so excited about our idea of telling the story of the song in a slightly unconventional way using a collage of different technique and locations," RINNGS share. "It's like a mini-movie in just four minutes."

Watch below:

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