For the superstars on ‘Duets,’ the challenge is not only finding someone with some singing chops, but also finding that person whose vocal and personal chemistry blends easily with theirs. Robin Thicke must have had his ears on during his auditions because he found an incomparable voice in Alexis Foster.

Thicke started the ‘Magic’ performance alone on the stage, but that wasn’t a challenge for Foster. As she entered the stage, focus quickly shifted to her. Her voice has a refreshing clarity and she was pitch perfect. Her voice and onstage appeal were a gorgeous highlight to Thicke’s sound. He wanted a gospel singer who could sing with passion and he definitely found her.

The judges agreed that Thicke had made a good pick. They could all tell that Foster belongs on a stage. Kelly Clarkson said to Foster, “You seem so happy up there.” She complimented her beautiful voice and then Jennifer Nettles followed it up by telling Foster she was “feeling the magic.” She appreciated how Foster was able to get the crowd going. John Legend recognized the striking tone in Foster’s voice. He said it was “clear as a bell” and it just rang through.

The bar was set rather high at the beginning of the show, but Foster came out on the stage and raised it even higher. She will be a force throughout the competition. To prove it, she jumped ahead of four other competitors to take third after her sparkling performance.

Watch Robin Thicke + Alexis Foster Perform 'Magic'

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