Toby Gad and BC Jean wrote 'If I Were a Boy,' and Jean intended to use it herself. Her label at the time turned it down, but Beyonce made a hit of it in 2008 -- and that's when things reportedly got incredibly messy.

The song appeared on Beyonce's 'I Am... Sasha Fierce' album, and was released as a single with viral video hit 'Single Ladies' as the B-side. But it seems Gad allegedly sold 'If I Were a Boy' to Beyonce without Jean's knowledge, and stripped her name from the credits as well. Many scandalous stories later (so many that it's tough to discern what really happened), Jean got a $250,000 payout and a new record deal, and had her name restored as one of the songwriters.

Whew. Anyway, Beyonce's 2008 cover was beloved by critics and fans alike, and landed in the top 10 on 25 different singles charts around the world. The song also proved to be quite versatile -- country superstar Reba McEntire recorded her own version and released it as a single in 2011.

Listen to Beyonce's Version of 'If I Were a Boy'

Listen to BC Jean's Version 'If I Were a Boy'