Sophia Grace, the precious little moppet who serves as a red carpet correspondent for 'The Ellen DeGeneres Show' at celeb events, has dropped her first video for 'Girls Just Gotta Have Fun.' Her omnipresent sidekick Rosie is prominently featured, but for the most part, this is 'The Sophia Grace Show.'

The adorbs, tiaras-topped little girl, 8, wears a dress in her signature shade of pink, cruises in a hot pink SUV and responds to the boy who throws stuff in her hair -- to show that he is crushing on her -- by throwing a pie in his face. Sassy!

It's all in a days work for this Mini Minaj!

SG raps and drops references to her beloved lady friends, declaring, "Nicki is my princess / Ellen is my queen." Dayum.

Yup, Sophia Grace has arrived.