"I got the Midas touch wherever I go," Stefano Langone sings in 'I'm on a Roll.' So did he turn his debut single featuring New Boyz and Rock Mafia into gold?

Langone's vocals soar, and despite being an uptempo dance song, the track still manages to showcase his impressive and powerful range. The song has pretty contemporary lyrics evocative of everyone from Katy Perry ("I'm lighting it up like the fourth of July") to LMFAO ("So pour another shot of whatever you like"), even throwing in what may be a double entendre: "If I can keep it up / I ain't sleeping tonight." Ow ow!

What's intriguing and unique about 'I'm on a Roll,' though, is the juxtaposition of modern lyrics with modern beats to compose what essentially sounds like a classic disco song. It's just as catchy as anything you'd hear on Top 40 radio today, but would also fit in seamlessly in the '70s and Studio 54, jetting back to present day with the brief but predictably amusing New Boyz cameo.

'I'm on a Roll' will likely appeal to a wide demographic. Langone's vocals may draw comparisons to Josh Groban, which will win over housewives everywhere -- and his beats will earn the affections of dance and Top 40 enthusiasts.

Langone will perform his debut single on the April 26 'American Idol' elimination show, two days after the single hits iTunes. Based on what we've heard, Jennifer Lopez won't be the only person delighted to hear from him again.