Alicia Keys' new album is expected to be released sometime this summer, but it's already getting some major PR in the form of her husband, producer Swizz Beatz.

"My wife's album's coming out. It's an amazing, amazing album full of timeless pieces -- which is what music needs now," he said to The Hollywood Reporter. "She's her own creative genius. She needs no handouts from me."

Unless the handout comes in the form of talking to the press about the album before an actual release date is announced by her record label. But tomato, tomahto.

Keys herself did give a sort of sneak peek of her album, though. The pianist/singer performed her new song 'Not Even a King' at the MTV Up Front back in April, and again on June 12 when she performed it at a City of Hope gala dinner held in Los Angeles honoring Clear Channel's Bob Pittman. Aside from that performance, however, talk about her upcoming album has been hush-hush; her husband declined to name an album title or release date.

Watch Alicia Keys Perform ‘Not Even a King’