Chris Rene

About to Pop: Pitbull, Chris Rene + More Singles
Thomas Fiss is our newest About to Pop victor, with his feel-good track 'Let Go' garnering the most fan votes! This means 'Let Go' will receive 20+ spins on radio stations all across the country this weekend on our Top 20 countdown broadcast. On top of this accomplishment, don't forget that he managed to beat out artists like B.o.B and Gym Class Heroes -- a huge feat for a newcomer. Congratulation
Chris Rene Hangs With Bros in ‘Young Homie’ Video
Chris Rene's debut video for 'Young Homie,' the original song that he performed on 'X Factor,' which helped make made him a fan favorite and landed him a third place finish, has finally dropped. It's a terrific first look at Rene, namely for pop music fans that didn't watch the show and have no prior knowledge of this charming talent.
‘X Factor’ Winner: Will It Be Chris Rene or Josh Krajcik?
The first-ever 'X Factor' winner will be crowned tonight. With Melanie Amaro, Josh Krajcik and Chris Rene battling for the title, it's anyone's crown to take. PopCrush is going to be bold and predict that singer/rapper Chris Rene will walk away with the $5 million recording contract, the Pepsi commercial and the glory of being the winner of 'X Factor.' We watched every single performance, so we th
Chris Rene Gets ‘Complicated’ With Avril Lavigne on ‘X Factor’
On tonight's final performance episode of 'X Factor,' the always smooth and likable Chris Rene performed 'Complicated' with Avril Lavigne. With their black leather jackets and million dollar smiles, Lavigne and Rene exuded a cute chemistry and delivered a believable performance that felt like a "hit" unfolding before our ears and our eyes.

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