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Baby Wipes – 2013 Coachella Survival Guide
You are going to be sweaty from the heat and the sun, and dirty from the combo of those bodily fluids and elements. So definitely bring a pack of disposable baby wipes to keep yourself as clean and fresh as possible.
They'll help to keep you germ-free while you're enjoying live music with s…
Hoodie – 2013 Coachella Festival Guide
It's going to be blistering during the day, but once the sun goes down, expect a chill in the Cali air. You should be sure to bring a hoodie along to keep comfortable on those brisk nights.
You don't want to spend all day in the sun only to be freezing and miserable when the headliners, who…
Sun Hat – 2013 Coachella Survival Guide
A floppy sun hat will protect your head, your hair color, your scalp, which can get sunburned, and your skin during the blazing hot hours of the day at Coachella 2013.
When the temperature dips and you are no longer in need of its sun-shielding services, you can always tuck it in your backpack or sec…
Sunblock – 2013 Coachella Survival Guide
The California sun is unforgiving, even in April. Therefore, sunblock is is a Coachella essential.
We recommend a spray can, since those formulas are lightweight, low-maintenance, affordable, non-greasy and offer several levels of SPF protection...
Cash – 2013 Coachella Survival Guide
Avoid exorbitant ATM fees by bringing a reasonable amount of cash and concealing it safely in your backpack.
You so do not need to be digging into your wallet for your ATM card or credit card when scouring the merch booths or while ruminating on the food choices, which leads to the possibility of los…
Sunglasses – 2013 Coachella Survival Guide
Shades are a "must-have" at Coachella.
Not only is a pair of sunglasses a reflection of your unique personal style, but sunnies will protect your peepers from the rays that are beating down on your head for a good 14 hours or so.
Did we mention you'll look good while doing so...
Backpack – 2013 Coachella Survival Guide
A light, medium-sized backpack is critical, so you can tote your essentials, like sunblock, babywipes and water bottle.
Grab a canvas one from Jansport, like their ergonomically-designed shoulder bag for those long days. If that doesn't suit your tastes, you could always go for a classic design …

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