MC Hammer

Celebrities Who Went Bankrupt
A lot of people have to file for bankruptcy. Unlike regular folks running into money troubles, celebrities like MC Hammer and Toni Braxton have all had millions at their disposal, but found themselves in debt due to outrageous spending or a record contract that messes with their royalties... Perhaps even both.
10 Artists From Oakland
The city of Oakland, Calif., has a rich and diverse music history. During the 1960s, the city developed the funk music scene, which sprouted influential bands like Sly & the Family Stone and Graham Central Station.
Today’s Best Tweets: MC Hammer Loves Justin Bieber
Stop! Bieber time. MC Hammer declared his love for Justin Bieber today via Twitter. And remember, Hammer's got street cred so don't question his Bieber fever. He is 2 legit 2 quit, after all. Ludacris was celebrating his daughter's huge accomplishment today! At the tender...