Taylor Swift may never, ever get back together with [insert ex-boyfriend's name here] -- but the singer is, however, enjoying her budding relationship with Conor Kennedy of the famed political clan. The blonde beauty/America's sweetheart, 22, reportedly spent some low-key time with her beau, 18, in New England this weekend. How romantic.

On Saturday, Sept. 15, the duo enjoyed a cozy dinner at Taylor's Tavern & Restaurant. Maybe they chose this establishment, located in Greenfield, Mass., because of the name? Probably not! It's actually only a few miles from the prep school that Conor attends in Deerfield, according to PEOPLE. So it was likely a matter of location, location, location.

A witness said the couple was "very polite" and "happy," and that Swift is "very sweet." No surprises here!

They also went antiquing at Deerfield's Old Station Antiques, as well. That so sounds like something Swift, who has been paying homage to the classic looks of the'50s and early '60s (Red lips! High-waisted polka dot bikinis! Ponytails! Pearls!), would do. She is an old soul, and antiquing seems to be right up her alley.

Swift left her boyfriend on Sunday afternoon (Sept. 16) since he had class the next day. She, on the other hand, has to promote her upcoming 'Red' album, which we predict to sell millions.

We're happy that Swift is happy. She deserves it after all her bad ex-BFs.

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