The Killers incorporate road trip and interstellar themes into a basic performance video for the brand new track 'Runaways,' their first official single in more than three years.

Directed by Warren Fu, the video opens with a shot of millions of distant stars in outer space. The camera slowly pans down to frontman Brandon Flowers singing the nostalgic lyrics about a restless young couple. Threatening red clouds appear behind Flowers as the song approaches its explosive chorus.

The clouds eventually morph into rain and then into a shot of a wide-open road before the rest of Flowers' bandmates magically appear behind him out of nowhere. Close-ups of band members playing their instruments on bright red stages are mixed with shots of a glowing road and the skyline of Las Vegas. Some nifty editing gives the Killers a blurry effect when the song reaches its climax.

'Runaways' is the lead single from 'Battle Born,' which is scheduled to hit retailers on Sept. 18. It's the group's first album since 2008's 'Day & Age,' though Flowers release the solo record 'Flamingo' in the interim. Critics seem to agree that 'Runaways' is a return to form for the multi-platinum band. Check out the video below.

Watch the Killers' 'Runaways' Video