Rapper and actor Ludacris made an appearance on 'The Simpsons' in the shows 400th episode 'You Kent Always Get What You Want.' Luda actually had two "roles" during his stint: one as "Luda-Crest," a walking toothpaste bottle who fought against gingivitis and other gnarly mouth issues: "I'm an enemy of the cavity / Unstoppable like gravity / So brush for regularity / Or you will face calamity," he rapped.

The second appearance in the same episode shows the rapper playing himself, slamming a dentist against a wall as a threat because the "Luda-Crest" commercial was only supposed to be shown in Canada. He told the dentist he should expect "a letter from Cap-In-The-A** Productions and it's head legal counsel, Miss Berlissa Burlegame!"

We prefer his first appearance, though. "Dirty, dirty mouth, yo!"


Watch Ludacris' Cameo on 'The Simpsons'