It was a difficult task narrowing down the Top 10 Tiesto Songs, as the Dutch DJ has been at the forefront of the EDM scene for years, well before it became the genre du jour among the "kids" and before festivals like Ultra became the hottest thing since Gisele Bundchen. His popularity has never waned, thanks to his fusion of progressive and electro house, and the flawless way in which he manipulates beats.

Tiesto is so much more than a DJ and a producer. He is a brand. His stage name (real name Tijs Michiel Verwest) is revered in genre circles and he continues to slay and manufacture beats, and remains one of the most beloved knob twiddlers the genre has ever seen.

To celebrate the DJ's extensive discography and career, we've picked the Top 10 Tiesto Songs, choosing the tracks that define his style and demonstrate his scope and skill.

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    'Zero 76'

    With Hardwell

    It doesn't matter WHAT you are up to right now. This upbeat, dancefloor composition will make you want to drop whatever's keeping you busy and head straight to the club. The beats have a magnetic pull and they will drag your butt onto the floor. Don't even try to resist -- just submit to the beat. We promise you'll thank us and Tiesto later.

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    'Hell Yeah!'

    With Showtek

    'Hell Yeah!' is more fitting for the somewhat "tougher" rave scene, since it's a pretty hardcore track and Showtek comes from that world. The beats snake throughout the song in a hard, harsh fashion. Sometimes, you've just gotta let go and dance like a maniac. A Tiesto song like this is the soundtrack for such exploits.

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    'Chasing Summers'

    This solo Tiesto song is ominous and haunting, like the score to a thriller, thanks to the way it builds escalating tension before erupting into an epic torrent of rhythm. EDM is mood music, and 'Chasing Summers' is a textbook example of the beat-soaked ranges of emotion contained within the genre.

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    'Work Hard, Play Hard'

    Feat. Kay

    Tiesto blooms when he has a celestial female voice to incorporate into his musical recipe. Much like his track with Tegan & Sara (which you'll see later on this list), he isn't afraid to show his poppier, softer and catchier side with Kay on 'Work Hard, Play Hard.' It's as dancey as anything in his catalog, but it's got commercial, mass appeal, thanks to that way Kay's dreamy vocals slither all over the pulsating sounds.

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    'Maximal Crazy'

    The trancey tune is potent enough to wake up a polar bear lost in hibernation, with its thrilling and vivacious vibe. The crunchy house beats and hypnotizing current of 'Maximal Crazy' are like electrical shocks and volts of energy running through your veins. But like many Tiesto songs, the track is also cinematic in its scope.

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    'Adagio for Strings'

    The unrelenting 2005 Tiesto song from 'Just Be' is one of the best trance tracks ever created. The original composition that inspired the song was arranged for a string orchestra by Samuel Barber. Here, it is interpreted by an EDM mastermind. 'Adagio for Strings' is evidence of how the dance genre, and a master like Tiesto, has no limits or boundaries with what it can do.

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    'Pair of Dice'

    With Allure

    It's all about the "untz" on this track, which pretty much explodes right out of the gate. Blood? Sweat? Tears? Whatever -- let all the bodily fluids flow when this vibrating song blasts out the speakers, buzzing and crackling like an electrical socket gone wild and about to blow.

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    'Escape Me'

    Feat. CC Sheffield

    The beats are breezier, effervescent and more pop-leaning on this Tiesto song, which also contains the lighter, clean vocals of songstress CC Sheffield -- like we said before, Tiesto tends to flourish alongside his featured female artists. There's some '80s nu wave going on here, and 'Escape Me' is the perfect tune to hear blaring from the speakers of a smoke-filled, beer-drenched European club.

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    Here we have more of the aforementioned "untz untz untz" and all other sorts of intensity. 'Traffic' is an auditory example of Tiesto at his solo best, having his way with the beat and making your ears pick up the oscillating vibrations in new and fresh ways.

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    'Feel It in My Bones'

    Feat. Tegan & Sara

    With Canadian twins Tegan & Sara lending their angelic voices to the mix, 'Feel It in My Bones' is easily one of Tiesto's most popular songs. Hit the mall and you'll hear it as you shop, but that's because it's so freakin' catchy. This is -- dare we say? -- the most pop that Tiesto goes, but it shows his breadth and span of immense talent. It's amazing how he can go from raver trance to this! That takes serious skill that cannot be faked.