If it's rude to show up to a party empty-handed, consider Tinashe your new standard of etiquette.

The "Player" singer, whose Joyride album is inching closer to release, shared a new, mellow video for "Party Favors" yesterday (November 19). If you've had a stressful week, it could be just the ticket to help you take the edge off.

In the video, and after sneakily uncovering the entrance to a no-frills kickback, Tinashe and a few friends relax while sprawled out on couches. They suck on lollipops, split mixed drinks and, well, she can spell out the rest:

"I've been tripping, had a blue dream / Breathe into me, you know / Inhale, exhale, I'm so dizzy / They can't save me, I'm gone," she whispers over the track that features Young Thug.

In June, Tinashe told Spin that creation of her forthcoming sophomore album has been a completely authentic experience, and one she hopes will register with fans more clearly than Aquarius.

"[With Aquarius], I knew what I wanted to do, but everybody that I was working with really had no clue who I was or what I wanted to do," she said. "They came up with a lot of stuff that wasn’t necessarily true to me. What I’ve learned with this second album is to not waste time making records that aren’t going to end up on the project. Don’t waste time spending the first day getting to know the producer and just cutting whatever they want."

Check out the video above, tell us what you think and hang tight for more news on Joyride!

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