Sticks and stones will break Vin Diesel's bones, but words will pressure him to post a nearly shirtless Instagram photo to prove he's not as out-of-shape as people think he is.

The actor found himself in front of a social media firing squad recently when a picture that captured his physique in uncharacteristically soft condition circulated around the web. But in an interview with Good Morning America this morning, he insisted he's shrugging it all off.

"Honestly, I would rather it come to me than somebody else," he said. "I can take it...I'm not trying to be in super shape all the time. I'm trying to master my craft of making films."

Diesel moved on to say that he thinks it's "wrong" for trolls to criticize the way they do, but as PEOPLE editor Kate Coyne pointed out later in the process, the actor's choice to also post a flattering Instagram photo that showcased his cut physique was sort of contradictory.

"It's a little bit of a conflicting message," she noted. "Because on one-hand it's like, 'Hey, don't body-shame me!' and then a few hours later it's like, 'Because, by the way—pow!—I still have the six-pack."

Think Vin's adding an important voice to the body-shaming dialogue, or is Coyne right that he should have just let the criticism roll off his back? Share your thoughts on his interview and how he's addressing Insta-flak.

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