Sorry, PopCrushers. Your dream job has officially been filled.

Earlier this week, rapper Waka Flocka Flame Instagrammed a job opening explaining that he's looking for a blunt roller -- and that he's willing to pay $50,000 a year to the right candidate!

While many, many people replied to the posting (you can check out their reactions below), a standout applicant was clearly Seth Rogen, who tweeted:

Much to the Internet's delight, Waka and a member of his team gave statements to the Huffington Post confirming that the actor was hired.

"Waka Flocka and 36Brickhouse will no longer be accepting applicants for the specified job listing for 'Personal Blunt Roller,' as Seth Rogen has been hired to fill this position," Waka told the Huffington Post. "His experience both on and off camera has earned this funnyman a slot with squad, eh.#icanROLL"

Meanwhile, Waka's manager, Brick Bronson, also told the Huffington Post, "Waka Flocka has since hired Seth Rogen, however, if he doesn't adhere to his day-to-day responsibilities, I'll fire him and hire James Franco. #bound"

While we're pretty sure Waka and Brick are joking, we can't be too sure. In any case, the job posting, Seth's response and Waka's statement are all totally hilarious. In case the actor (and James Franco) don't work out, here are some other applicants the rapper can consider: