Beastie Boys rapper Adam 'MCA' Yauch passed away on Friday, May 4 at the tender age of 47 after a lengthy battle with salivary gland cancer. He gave his last live performance with the legendary hip-hop/rock hybrid at the annual Bonnaroo festival in Tennessee in June 2009, the same year he was diagnosed with the disease. You can watch some of that performance here.

In this short clip, Yauch and his bandmates Michael 'Mike D' Diamond and Adam 'Ad Rock' Horovitz performed 'Intergalactic,' a song where Yauch actually delivers one of the best Beastie lines --and there are plenty of those across their expansive catalog. Every time he rapped, "I'll stir fry you in my wok," we couldn't help but crack a smile.

Watch this fan-filmed footage in celebration of the artist's life! While Yauch was already dealing with his disease at this point and he isn't as high energy as he once was, he is still on point lyrically. And the fans seem to be lovin' every minute of it, singing along and screaming.

Obviously, no one knew this would be the last time he would take the stage with his bandmates, since hindsight is 20/20. At least Beastie fans get to watch his final performance thanks to the wonders of technology and digital media.

Watch Adam Yauch's Final Performance With the Beastie Boys