Quality camera phones (like the one being advertised in this commercial) are critical items in this digital day and age.

Come on, we live in an era where selfless, social media sharing and taking pouty-lipped, semi-aerial shots of ourselves (and our food) are the norm. The pretty brunette in the Windows Lumia 1020 phone commercial confesses that the camera was her priority when choosing this particular smartphone. She delivers her soliloquy over a piano melody. What's the song, which also closes the ad?

It's 'Brave,' Sara Bareilles' beloved track, featured on her Grammy-nominated album 'The Blessed Unrest.'

While it's true that the singer wrote the tune about a friend who was coming out to his family, in this commercial, it's used in a frivolous way. However, that doesn't downgrade the depth or scope of the song. No, Bareilles wasn't singing about choosing the right cell phone with the best camera -- but the song is catchy and uplifting.