People generally like good movies. We want movies to be good, we want to have a good time watching them, and we want to feel as if the experience, the ticket price, and the time spent was worthwhile when we go to see one. Movies should be good, right?

Except, sometimes, they’re better when they’re not.

People enjoy watching good movies, but some of us love watching truly terrible movies even more. There’s nothing quite like the sense of anticipation you get when you sit down to see something you know is going to be bad, and there’s nothing better than doing it with a large, rowdy group of people. While good movies have their time in the sun, the sewer-dwelling goblins among us get much more out of voluntarily setting aside hours of our precious time to seek out pure slop. Sometimes, the worst ever made becomes beloved because of its awfulness, and its fans come together to gleefully celebrate really, really bad art.

Some movies out there are so bad they’ve developed their own cult followings, armies of fans who follow these films to obscure midnight screenings where shouting and laughing and booing is not only encouraged, but mandatory. For this list, we’ve chosen to honor the nadir of cinematic achievement, the type of stuff whose sheer awfulness is enough to boggle the mind of even its truest fans, and the people who love to celebrate them anyway. They may be the worst films ever made, but somehow we’ve found a way to enjoy them.

10 Awful Movies With Devoted Cult Followings

Even though these movies were terrible, their fans still love them.

Gallery Credit: Emma Stefansky

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