Happy Mother's Day. In honor of this special day, confident, swagger-soaked 'X Factor' alum Astro is interviewed by his lovely mother. Astro has such love for the woman who birthed him that he even wrote his rap 'Stop Looking at Moms' about dudes trying to hit on his hot mama.

In this chat, Mom asks her teenage son an all-important question. She wants to know about his dating prospects. She asks,"What kind of girl can I expect you to bring home?" His reply? "A woman. I don't date girls. I date women." There ya go, mom! Your self-assured son knows who and want he wants.

Astro continued, "Someone with all of her teeth. Someone regular and respectful. Whatever woman I love … I gotta love her. She might be a hood rat but she's gotta have respect for my mother."

Astro has standards!

Check out the rapper being interviewed by the No. 1 woman in his life. And after that, take a peek at his 'Stop Looking at My Moms' video, too.

Watch Astro Interviewed by His Mother

Watch Astro 'Stop Looking at My Moms' Video

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