Are 30 Seconds to Mars splitting up? Band members have been speaking vaguely about their future for months, and things just got a little more unclear after singer Jared Leto's interview with MTV News.

"We've been really thinking about the future and life and opportunities and choices," Leto said. "I think when we're done with this album cycle, then we'll be ready to address the future."

That certainly sounds non-committal enough to make fans wonder if they may have heard the last from 30 Seconds to Mars. But that could just be the exhaustion talking. Leto said the band's non-stop schedule of touring and promotion since their 2009 release 'This is War' has taken its toll:

"It's been such an incredible, insane, crazy ride. It's been almost two years all around the world, more than a couple of times ... This global typhoon of shows and videos and creativity and madness. We need a little bit of time. I need a little bit of time to catch my breath."

If this is the end, Leto thinks winning at the VMAs, where his band is up for three awards for the 'Hurricane' video, would be a great way to finish things off: "The nice thing about these video nominations, they certainly would be a great way to say goodbye, wouldn't they? I mean, winning all three would be a pretty nice way to go out."

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