3OH!3 promise 'You're Gonna Love This' on their brand new single, which will appear on their upcoming album 'Omens.'

"Yeah, I'm standing outside the bar like a fish out of water," claim Sean Foreman and Nathaniel Motte on the track's opening line, backed up a military-style drumbeat. But that arrangement doesn't last.

Seconds later, the dance-pop nature of the song reveals itself as the duo sings, "I'll buy you a round, if you come close / Turn up the sound, turn the lights down / Give me a chance, I will take her home with me." The track seems to borrow heavily from the David Guetta model, using slow-building verses to work up to an eventual synth explosion.

Full of energy and Auto-Tune, the song is reminiscent of 2009's 'Don't Trust Me,' the group's biggest hit to date. There's even another odd, slightly disturbing cultural reference, much like the Helen Keller line in 'Don't Trust Me.' The new track includes the lyric, "The girl was biting on my lips like Jeffrey Dahmer."

We suspect the pop landscape may have changed too much to allow 'You're Gonna Love This' to experience the same level of success, but it's a much better song than 3OH!3's last offering, 'Do or Die.'

Listen to 3OH!3's 'You're Gonna Love This'