Don't be feeling sorry for teenage rap dynamo Astro, who was voted off 'X Factor' straightaway last night for having the lowest amount of votes from the viewing audience. The kid has reportedly signed to Jay-Z's Roc-Nation label already.

Uh, can we just point out that every week, in our stellar and informative recaps, we've predicted that Astro's talent had to put him on Hova's radar? There's no way his phone wasn't blowing up with texts about Astro. That, and the fact that Astro's mentor L.A. Reid has the BatPhone for Jay-Z, were the reasons that predicted that Astro would link up with Roc Nation.

Well, we're also smart, too, but this isn't about us. It's about Astro. It was obvious he wouldn't win a singing competition since he only rapped, but he was incredible every week for the way he improvised, got creative and built original raps around pop songs.

Media Takeout reports that Beyonce's baby daddy said, "I first heard about this exciting new talent and decide to watch some of his performances … Not only was I impressed with his performances, but to see the confidence he sang with, his lyrics and diction were on point." The site further reports that Astro may even guest on a Willow track. Jay-Z really knows how to mine talent in the urban teen set.

Congrats, Astro. We sorta knew this would happen.