On tonight's episode of 'X Factor,' the Top 12 Boys, Girls, Over 30s and Groups performed, and if you plan on voting, lots of luck deciding on who is the best, because every single one of this dozen could take this competition. We have several we're partial too and our favorites (Drew, Josh, Marcus and Chris to name a few), but we can't choose a clear winner just yet.

PopCrush is happy to present this recap of each performer so consult it thoroughly and think long and hard before you call or text in your vote. Someone is going home tomorrow night, so tune in at 8PM to find out who.


Brian Bradley: Astro -- his rap name -- got the party started when he sang a modern, updated version of Naught By Nature's 'Hip Hop Hooray.' Kid's got swagger. Memo to Jay-Z: Just sign him to your label … Now. We know you're watching him. Let someone else win 'X Factor' since this 14-year-old Brooklynite has pretty much guaranteed his career as a rapper.

Chris Rene: He lost the eyeball-obscuring baseball cap and found his swagger and confidence. They were on full display as he performed The Carpenters' 'Superstar' in his signature R&B and hip-hop-flecked style. He is so a frontrunner.

Marcus Canty: He rocked B.o.B and Bruno Mars' 'Nothin' on You' and he's got the moves. He's the new Bobby Brown and Lord knows we need one. Of course he mashed 'Nothin'' up with Brown's 'Every Little Step.' He's faboo and fun, a total package. No doubt about dat!


Drew: She only needs one name, because she's that damn good. With her icy, ethereal pipes, she's like a younger, cuddlier Skylar Grey. She showed us another side of her voice tonight with 'Just a Dream,' proving she's no one-note. She could sing with Eminem as easily as she could with Jack Johnson

Melanie Amaro: Instead of going the diva route – Mariah, Celine, Whitney -- Amaro's mentor tasked her with singing 'Desperado.' The song has as much – if not more -- emotion than any diva-approved and attempted song. She also looked gorgeous with that straight, glossy hair.

Rachel Crow: The precocious, charisma-fueled and lovable Crow performed an edited version of Katrina + the Wave's '80s anthem, 'Walking on Sunshine.' Most of the lyrics of this bouncy rocker were changed, but this performance actually lacked some of Crow's pep.

OVER 30s:

LeRoy Bell: Bell is not as exuberant as the younger contestants, but he turned in a soulful version of Lonestar's 'I'm Already There.' His confidence is not where it needs to be, though. Still, he looks damn fine for a grandfather.

Josh Krajcik: He wore his 'Jar of Hearts' on his sleeve with his smoky rendition of the Christina Perri song. He sang it like he wrote it, and we love him as much as we love the burritos he makes.

Stacy Francis: Francis, the resident cryin' diva went 'Up to the Mountain,' since she has the church singer/gospel singer vibe. She has a gorgeous voice and can stir souls. She just needs to sing spiritual tunes, because like it or not, they are her strengths.


Stereo Hogzz: The Stereo Hogzz boys kicked off the show with a expertly and flawlessly choreographed version of Janet Jackson's 'Rhythm Nation.' The Hogzz were a "master class" -- the whole package, decked out in red military attire (jackets and vests), gold accessories and black pants. The judges think there isn't a band in the world as good as them.

Intensity: Intensity don't want to be seen as a "kids group," even though they are like a ready-made 'Glee' cast. The 10-piece performed a bright version of 'Kids in America.' It was the perfect vehicle for their singing and their dancing. They mashed it up with LMFAO's 'Party Rock Anthem.'

Lakoda Rayne: The pop-country foursome performed a vocally resplendent version of Fleetwood Mac's 'Landslide.' Looking gorgeous in long, bright gowns, they harmonized like angels. The "blend" happened tonight and they sounded like one, unified voice.

Tune in tomorrow to find out who makes it to the Top 11.