Avril Lavigne has been hard at work on her followup to 'Goodbye Lullaby,' and she's been proudly collaborating with fellow Canadian Chad Kroeger of Nickelback on the project. The 'How You Remind Me' rocker revealed what it's like working -- and playing -- with Lavigne.

The newly black-banged singer tweeted the above photo back in February of the duo, writing, "Bro'ing out with Chad Kroeger in the studio."

Kroeger dished that he and his band are working with the 'Girlfriend' singer on up to eight songs off of her record. “Things just clicked real quick. We were just gonna couple of tunes," he told K104.7. "And then she wanted me to sing on one of them and then we just started flying on all these different songs.” What can we expect from the sound? Kroeger says Lavigne has "a lot of tricks in her arsenal" and that her work spans multiple genres, from rhythmic pop to harder rock sounds.

Av recently nixed rumors of a potential 'X Factor' deal, citing that she's indeed working on her new album, as well as a fashion line and films. Girl is busy!

But don't worry -- Lavigne and Kroeger don't just work hard, they play hard, too. Kroeger said of the pint-sized pop punker, “She can pound the vodka, for a girl of her stature.”

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