Kesha loves her animals -- especially her furries and her actual cat, Mr. Peeps -- and she's taking them behind the scenes of 'C'Mon.'

The 'Warrior' songstress provides voiceovers for the footage, which shows her getting a manicure, getting covered in silver glitter (obviously) and shows the vast array of wardrobe options, including a ton of awesome shades.

"I was so excited to shoot the video for 'C'Mon,'" the Cannibal Queen gushed. "I feel like it's a really fun, lighthearted, magical song about falling in love and just saying, 'Let's do this!'"

The clip is a special one for the glitter enthusiast, because it was filmed in her hometown. "I got to shoot it in Nashville, and I've really wanted to shoot a video in Nashville forever. Nashville's where I call home and where my soul is at," she said.

As for the "Awful House" premise, Kesha explains, "I start the video being the country version of myself, working at a diner and having a creepy boss who tries to hit on you and touch your butt. I get so fed up with it, and I walk outside and all I want is some magic in my life."

That magic comes in the form of a magical cat van. "I got to run around with a bunch of people in furry outfits. We ended up shooting in one of my favorite markets, La Hacienda. I got to just destroy a grocery store, which is everyone's dream, really." Except the people who have to clean it up, K-Dollar Sign!