It's 2012 and anything is possible! Record company gurus are looking into using one of Sir Richard Branson's Virgin Galactic aircrafts as the setting for a -- drum roll please -- music video. Sources are indicating that new parents Jay-Z and Beyonce are gunning to appear in the first-ever music, space-filmed music video! It's '2012: A Music Video Odyssey.'

Flights on Branson's ships, which seat six, are set to launch sometime this year. The aircrafts send passengers 70,000 feet into the atmosphere and a ticket aboard costs well over a million bucks. So this endeavor would not be cheap, but it could yield a revolutionary video.

If a video is filmed, passengers would be shot while being weightless for six minutes.

The Sun reports that a source said, "The label people have been talking about making a music video in space. Beyonce and Jay-Z seemed the obvious option. Everything is being done to make it happen." Beyonce actually recorded a message for astronauts in space last summer, so maybe she really does have space lust and is dying to hop aboard.

The bigger questions? Who will watch Blue Ivy while Jay or Bey are shooting in space?