Beyonce celebrated the start of the Fourth of July Weekend with a divalicious performance on 'Good Morning America' for the news program's weekly Summer Concert Series. We didn't think anyone could come close to Lady Gaga's show-stopping, Memorial Day Weekend performance, but Beyonce's performance was right up there with the Mother Monster's.
Bey took the stage at around 8:15 ET with her wild mane of curls that's she's been pumping lately and a lemon yellow, crocheted mini accessorized with statement earrings and rings. She was greeted by thousands of screams that caused her to take a pause before she started dancing her a-- off to 'Run the World (Girls).' Who needs coffee when you've got a wake up cup of Beyonce and her percussive single to jar you from a sound sleep?

The stage was decked out in a black-and-white diamond pattern that looked like something out of 'Alice in Wonderland,' but even the busy backdrop couldn't compete with Beyonce or her laser-focus. Much like her Glastonbury performance and her record release show on London, the Queen B smiled ear-to-ear throughout her whole performance; performing is obviously her favorite thing in the world. She ended the song with a salute.

During the interview segment with Robin Roberts, Bey proclaimed, "I feel so so good," acknowledging the super fans who were there for 24 hours. She talk about stepping off the stage and into the audience, saying, "I learned how to appreciate what I worked hard for. It's hard to see when you are moving so fast." She talked about the musical gumbo that is '4,' saying she wanted to bring bridges and chords back to the radio and to not make radio songs. She also beamed about her upcoming role in the remake of 'A Star Is Born,' which will be directed by Clint Eastwood. Lastly, she declared that her message is always one of female empowerment, saying, "I want to write and sing songs that we as women want to hear. Sometimes it's hard to realize how amazing we are."

Bey sang the romantic ballad '1+1' while she knelt atop a white a piano, striking a sexy pose as her voice bellowed throughout Central Park. She invited the crowd to sing 'The Best Thing I Never Had' with her and they compiled with her request, because, how could you not? She even commanded the crowd to "Sing it to your ex" when she sang the kiss off line "It sucks to be your right now." Damn, that felt good!

When she launched into 'Single Ladies (Put a Ring On It),' she asked everyone to forget their drama and problems and lose themselves in the music. Bey was performing to a track for much of the chorus, but she made up for not singing that part by dancing in sync with the dancers she was flanked by.

By the time she done, Beyonce reminded us why she has earned that "diva" tag.

Watch Beyonce Her '4' Album on 'GMA''s 2011 Summer Concert Series