Oops, Brittany S. Pierce did it again. On tonight's episode of 'Glee,' the ditzy Cheerio, played by Heather Morris, hosts her own Internet talk show called 'Fondue for Two' in which she lets one giant cat out of the bag.

In a clip from the 'Rumours' episode of the hit Fox series, Brittany invites two of the biggest gossips she knows, Mercedes and Tina, to be the guests of her debut show, which combines Brittany's favorite things: "Hot cheese and talking to people."

"Shouldn't it be 'Fondue for Three'?" Tina asks. Brittany shakes her head and Mercedes proceeds to burn her mouth on the food. Artie's girl then segues into the "hot dish" segment in which she offers up juicy tidbits on a vodka-drinking janitor and Tina dispels the myth about Asian men.

Then, Brittany drops the ultimate shocker. "I heard a rumor that Santana plays for the other team, and I can confirm that rumor," she says. "It's one hundred percent true."

After unwittingly outing her best friend, the dancing queen gets distracted by her cat, Lord Tubbington, leaving Mercedes and Tina stunned. Will Santana retaliate out of anger? Or will she, for once, be rendered speechless by Brittany's actions? Find out when 'Glee' airs tonight at 8PM on Fox.

Watch the 'Glee' 'Fondue for Two' Video