Cher Lloyd has released her new video for 'Oath' in which she gets all glammed up to hit the beach with her friends.

Teasers for the video arrived on Tuesday (Oct. 2) and Wednesday (Oct. 3), but now fans get to see the entirety of the colorful clip. We see the 19-year-old bored as ever, counting down the minutes until school is let out. She and her girlfriends then jump in an ultra cool convertible for some beach time.

The latest single, featuring Becky G, is a musical promise to a friend in which Lloyd sings, "Wherever you go, just always remember / That you got a home for now and forever / And if you get low, just call me whenever / This is my oath to you."

"The meaning behind it is basically a message to say that you are very much someone’s best friend, but that doesn’t mean that when you go away everything stops," she said in an exclusive interview with PopCrush. "You’re still able to call them, still able to stay in contact with them. It’s kinda like one of those things where you finish high school and you’re going off to college, and one of the girls goes this way and one of the girls goes [that] way. It’s one of those songs that should be able to bring them back together."

'Oath' is the fourth single from Lloyd's debute album, 'Sticks + Stones,' which was released in the US on Oct. 2.