Christina Aguilera is super proud of 'Lotus,' and she's showing it. In addition to teaser clips of all the tracks, the full audio for 'Blank Page' has hit the Web.

The track is the second full song to be released from 'Lotus,' following the Max Martin-backed 'Your Body,' which we loved but didn't chart very well -- and 'Blank Page' is a complete 180 from the lead single. 'Blank Page' is a ballad, opening with piano and understated vocals from Aguilera, who's somewhat notorious for her vocal histrionics. "How do I say I'm sorry?" she wails to a lover she wronged. "I am a blank page waiting for you to bring me to life / Paint me a heart / Let me be your art / I am a blank page / Waiting for life to start."

Aguilera's tone remains heartbroken and earnest, as opposed to overwrought, which may make casual listeners not even realize it's the 'Your Body' songstress behind the track. It works out beautifully, as the song is an apologetic one: She means what's she's singing, so she doesn't need to show off.

It's unclear whether 'Blank Page' will be a single, but it would likely be a hit in the same vein as 'Beautiful.' 'Lotus' will hit shelves Nov. 13 -- and will likely get heavy promotion on 'The Voice!'

Listen to Christina Aguilera, 'Blank Page'