Sometimes, there's a fine line between a superfan and a creepy stalker. A Coldplay fan recently crossed that line when he jumped the fence at frontman Chris Martin's home and began singing some of the band's songs, forcing Martin to kick him off the property.

The Daily Mirror relayed the details, as told by Martin himself. "I had a guy the other day who climbed over the gate of our house and started singing Coldplay songs to his friends on the street," the singer said. The guy probably thought he was being cute, but what if Gwyneth and the kids had been home alone? This could have been a dangerous situation.

After listening to a few songs, Martin finally said, "Listen, you’re just not doing that right" and forced the trespasser to leave. The singer managed to find a silver lining to the incident, saying, "It was bordering on intrusion. Still, it’s nice that people like the songs.”

Non-creepy Coldplay fans can watch the band during a 90-minute concert special this New Year's Eve on PBS. The performance was taped a few months back in Austin and includes live renditions of several songs from 'Mylo Xyloto.'