For Christmas this year, English singer-songwriter Conor Maynard surprised fans with a special gift: a new original song entitled "Lighthouse," which he made available in full via his Facebook page. Following previous singles "Royalty" and "Talking About," "Lighthouse" is a heartfelt ballad meant to hold over fans until Maynard releases his next official single in early 2016.

Conor Maynard - LighthouseI still remember when love was made for fun...

Posted by Conor Maynard on Friday, December 25, 2015

"Lighthouse" finds Maynard looking back on a past love that has faded in time, opening with the heartbreaking and sadly nostalgic lines, "I still remember when love wasn't made for fun / I chased your heart like an outlaw on the run."

"We are the victims," Maynard continues, "the criminal was time," thereby absolving his lover of any responsibility in the dissolution of their romance.

Without her love, Maynard's world has grown dark—"stars are dying," and colors "start to fade" and turn grey, which make him feels her absence even more profoundly.

In the chorus, we learn that Maynard and his ex-lover are distanced not just by time but also geography—hence the lighthouse comparison. "If our love started burning brighter than a lighthouse," he begins to ask, "Would you shine for me again?" Desperate to rekindle their love, Maynard declares that "I would set my heart on fire / If it helps you find your way to me again."

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