It's no big secret that Darren Criss, who plays Blaine on 'Glee,' is sort of a Comic-Con nerd. Last week at the big convention, Criss dished on his "evil scientist" 'Glee' role and spilled that he thinks his character has 'daddy issues.'

"If they do write anything, I would love to meet Blaine's father," Criss said of his hopes for Season 3. "I think Blaine comes from quite a bit of turmoil in his past. He definitely has daddy issues. I think he gravitates towards Kurt and Burt's relationship, because I can only assume he doesn't have that relationship himself. He's had some strife with his family."

We agree that it'd be fun to get into the inner-workings of Blaine, but with gleeks everywhere up in arms over McKinley High graduation rumors, who's potentially leaving is more of a concern at the forefront. The actor/singer said he thinks Blaine will hold a safe card, at least this season. "I heard when his character first came out that Ryan [Murphy] had said that he was a year older than Kurt, but maybe stayed back a year," he said of the Warbler. "I don't know what grade level he is or even if that matters."

Being that Criss was at Comic-Con while giving this interview, he wasn't too shy to offer a peek into his slightly weird thoughts. "There are no teachers there. I've never seen a single adult," he said in reference to his school on 'Glee,' Dalton Academy. "Blaine is some autonomous leader. Blaine could be an evil psychotic mastermind. Like an evil scientist that builds robotic boys."

While we have a hunch that creator Ryan Murphy won't be turning 'Glee' into a sci-fi free-for-all this season, we are excited to see how things unravel with all of our favorite New Directions (and Warblers!). 'Glee' Season 3 starts September 20.

See Darren Criss Talk 'Glee' at Comic-Con