Spoiler alert! Are you Gleeks still upset over the demise of Finchel and Kurt and Blaine during last week's episode of 'Glee?' Well, there's something floating 'round the web that just may able to help you with those tears ... literally.

Darren Criss, who portrays Blaine on the FOX show, took to his Twitter to tweet about the breakups because he totally felt everyone's pain.  “So many tears, so many tissues needed from last night’s episode — so why not do some good while we’re at it?” he wrote. He then linked off to a charity auction, which featured tissue boxes signed by the three couples on the show: Rachel and Finn, Blaine and Kurt, and Santana and Brittany.

Obviously, Finchel is leading the pack, as their tissue box is already at $2,000; Kurt and Blaine's box isn't far behind at $1,850, and Santana and Brittany's round it out at $1,550. Not bad for the three couples, but still a little expensive for a tissue box. Then again, we know there are some hardcore 'Glee' fans out there who'd give anything to get their hands on these items!

The auction ends on tomorrow -- so Gleeks, you may wanna run to your computer and get these fast! All proceeds go to charities picked by the cast: Darren's to Trevor Project and Lea Michele wants the proceeds raised from her tissue box to go to the Ovarian Cancer Research Fund.