David Guetta, teams up with Chris Brown and Lil Wayne on 'I Can Only Imagine,' a new track from his album 'Nothing but the Beat.'

The song begins a little more mellow than many of Guetta's productions, with a simple synth riff as Brown sings, "It’s obvious that I want something from you / You know what, what I wanna do, do, do." After Breezy finishes the opening verse, a spastic electro beat joins the party and temporarily takes the song in more of an up-tempo direction.

Weezy then drops his verse about the girl he's imagining: "I saw you from afar, thought I'd say wassup / You can tell me your name when we breaking up / They call me Tunechi, I'm good, I’m Gucci / Now you can kiss your old dude goodbye, smooches / You're a beast, you're a beauty / Man, I think somebody done gave Cupid an Uzi, shoot me / You're a firework, better in the dark / So let's turn off the lights and give me that spark."

Overall, the song lacks the energy we expect from a David Guetta song, and its flirtatious lyrics don't really match the laid-back vibe that dominates more than half the track. Perhaps Guetta should've written the same song about love instead of lust. Now that would have been thinking outside the box.

'I Can Only Imagine' is the latest song to surface from Guetta's next album, 'Nothing But the Beat,' which drops Aug. 29 and also features 'Without You,' 'Little Bad Girl' and 'Where Them Girls At' -- the lead single featuring Nicki Minaj and Flo Rida.

Listen to David Guetta, 'I Can Only Imagine' Feat. Chris Brown and Lil Wayne