Taylor Swift has had a pretty exciting couple of weeks -- it isn't every day that a girl gets to sing with Nicolas Cage and a goat -- but if recent rumors are to be believed, her supposed beau, Ed Sheeran, has also been keeping busy.

These reports come from the UK's tabloid, The Sun, so they should probably be taken with a gigantic grain of salt -- but those ever-present anonymous sources are saying Sheeran has "risked a severe ear-bashing" from Swift for spending time with ex-girlfriend Camilla Severi during a trip to Australia. As the article puts it, she "met him at the Hilton, where Ed was staying, at 11PM and spent the rest of the evening at the bar with the singer and his crew."

All in all, it sounds pretty mild for an encounter that the paper headlined as "Taylor's Ed-Ache," especially considering that the Sun quotes a source who describes Sheeran and Severi's relationship by saying, "They got together when Ed played in Brisbane last year. Their relationship didn’t last long but they parted on good terms and kept in touch. She has even visited him in the States when he’s toured over there."

Sadly, the paparazzi just can't seem to resist looking for trouble in Swift's love life -- of course, in their defense, there always seems to be plenty of drama to go around.

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