This is some juicy stuff! If these rumors are to be believed, then Ed Sheeran is in MAJOR violation of The Bro Code.

The British ginger reportedly spent the night at Taylor Swift's hotel room until 4AM the night before the BRIT Awards last week. A source told E! News (via Hollywood Life) that 'The A Team' musician emerged from T. Swift's lair and looked "very pleased with himself." Maybe they made sweet music together, if you know what we mean...

There have previously been rumors that T. Swift and Sheeran were an item when the Brit got 'Red' tattooed on his arm back in October. Ed did work on Taylor's hit album, but he also penned 'Little Things' and then later gave it to One Direction. You don't see him getting Harry Styles' face inked on his bum. Just sayin'!

This same source also said the two artists "briefly dated last spring." So who is in violation of The Bro Code? Harry Styles or Ed Sheeran?! We can't decide!

Bro Code or not, we kind of love Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran as a couple. They're totally the new Taylor and (insert former fling here)!

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