Love is battlefield, according to Elle Varner in her new video for her latest single, 'I Don't Care.' Directed by Lenny Bass, the clip features revolving stories of two couples who are in love but are also battling discrimination around them at the same time.

The first story is an interracial teen couple -- a white male and black female -- who are madly in love but, unfortunately, the woman's father disapproves of their relationship. The second narrative deals with a same sex couple who are confronted by some homophobic dudes at a house party. Despite the obstacles these couples are facing, love conquers all.

In the middle of all of these stories is Ms. Varner. The 'Refill' songbird shows us her sensual side as she frolics in bed with a handsome dark-haired man, showing us that love is indeed colorblind and shouldn't come with restrictions. In several segments, we also see Varner's beautiful face bare with no makeup, singing her lovely ballad.

At the end of the video, Varner looks straight into the camera as if she is asking the world, "Can we all get along?"

Varner, who was recently praised by First Lady Michelle Obama, is currently on the road on her Perfectly Imperfect tour. The trek will visit Jackson, Miss. on Sept. 22 and makes stops at various college campuses throughout October before ending on Nov. 3 in Poughkeepsie, N.Y.