R&B songbird Elle Varner is back with a new video for her latest single, 'Refill,' that will make her fans come back for seconds. Directed by Constellation Jones, the clip offers a great story line and a cliffhanger of sorts that demands a sequel.

In the video, the 22-year-old singer portrays a member of an Ohio cheerleading squad who travels to New York for a tournament. Afterward, the team is sequestered for the night at a hotel, but Varner has insomnia and decides to venture out to explore the Big Apple. It's then she bumps into her love interest and together they share a wonderful night of love and debauchery. She eventually makes it back to her school bus before it leaves, but not before getting his digits.

Varner is currently working on her debut album 'Perfectly Imperfect,' which is due out later this year. PopCrush's 2012 Artist to Watch star says she's ready to introduce her new album to the R&B landscape.

"I have never been so confident in my life as an artist about my [album]," says Varner. "It definitely helps to have so many people confirm that Elle Varner is great. Even when I finished the album, I said to myself, ‘This album is no joke.’ And so, knowing that for myself, even if it sold two copies, it wouldn’t matter to me because I know that I made my best and my album is incredible and I’m proud of it."

For now, you can listen to Varner's mixtape 'Conversational Lush,' which features the ballad 'Refill.'

Watch the Elle Varner 'Refill' Video