After roaring back with the hard-rocking single 'What You Want,' Evanescence are revealing the softer side on 'My Heart Is Broken,' another track from their self-titled comeback album.

The song is a mystical, piano-based composition that opens quietly with Amy Lee's keys and voice. She sings, "I pulled away to face the pain / I close my eyes and drift away / Over the fear that I will never find a way to heal my soul / And I will wander till the end of time / Torn away from you / My heart is broken / Sweet, sleep my dark angel / Deliver us from sorrow's hold."

The album version of the track incorporates drums and guitars from the beginning, but on the radio mix, the louder instruments don't kick in until the second verse, providing a slow build-up to a more intense sound.

The song sounds big and dramatic, which would seem to make it a perfect fit for something like the 'Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 1' soundtrack. Lee and drummer Will Hunt made a public appeal for the song to be included, but it didn't show up on the 'Breaking Dawn' tracklisting.

Still, we think 'Twilight' fans - and those who enjoy emotional rock music - will dig the song. 'My Heart Is Broken' is track No. 4 on 'Evanescence,' which hits stores next Tuesday, Oct. 11. The band's previous release, 'The Open Door,' entered the charts at No. 1 in 2006.

Listen to Evanescence's 'My Heart Is Broken' (Radio Mix)