Fat Joe, born Joe Cartagena, lost 88 pounds in nine months the old fashioned way: Through diet and exercise. Fans may now have to consider calling the rapper "Fat Joe Slim."

According to the NY Daily News, the 6-foot-2 Bronx native once weighed in at 350 pounds (425 pounds at his heaviest), but after losing seven friends in their 30s to heart attacks last year, he re-evaluated his lifestyle and eating habits.

"What's the difference between me and them? Health doesn't discriminate just because I'm famous," the 40-year-old hip-hop star said.

Fat Joe's 5-year-old daughter, Azaryah, was also another important factor in the fitness and diet overhaul. "I can't leave my daughter behind," he added. "I want to be here for her; I don't want to die on her."

To drop the weight, Fat Joe swapped his usual fare with six small daily meals of fruit, vegetables, whole grains and lean meats. Additionally, he tacked on two-hour cardio and weight-lifting sessions with a trainer. He is now in the 265-pound range. "I was always LL Cool J in a fat guy's body," he joked.

Fans got to see a glimpse of Fat Joe's slimmed-down shape when his new 'Drop a Body' video premiered on Tuesday. The rapper is expected to release his eleventh studio album this summer.

The Terror Squad Entertainment CEO has shed and gained back pounds in the past, but this time he says he's committed to a healthier way of living. "I'm addicted to food; I love food," he stated. "It's like a crack addict - he hits rock bottom and he says, 'All right, forget it. I'm not going to get high anymore.'"

Watch the Fat Joe 'Drop a Body' Video